Programming macro for MC_Rack

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Programming macro for MC_Rack Empty Programming macro for MC_Rack

Post  jack_burst on Sun May 17, 2009 9:08 pm


I'm not using MC_Rack for recording data, but I use it for computing Interspike Inteval (ISI) on sveral recordings.

I've got about 130 recording, and I need to extract the ISI of each of these 130files.

Is there any way to automatise it with MC_Rack? Or do you know a macro script language?

Thank you for help



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Programming macro for MC_Rack Empty ISI extraction by MC_Rack

Post  ThomasMCS on Mon May 18, 2009 6:22 pm

Hi Jack,

assuming your spikes have a similar shape, you can set up a rack consisting of following components:

- Replayer
- Spike Sorter: Here you define your detection parameters like slope or threshold
- Spike Analyzer: Specify ISI here
- Spike analyzer display

You have two options to obtain ISI values:
- Either you record the datastream created by the spike analyzer or you export the data from spike analyzer display into ascii format dat file

Once you set up this rack once you can load your files into it one by one and start analysis without setting up the rack again.
This will work for mcd files with exactly same data format (number of streams etc)

If you do not use MC_Rack for recording I do not know details about your file format, so I cannot comment if that is going to work.

There is not "batch mode" for MC_Rack. You will need to load files individually. You might consider doing parts of the analysis with Matlab based MEA-Tools.



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