Recording outputs from STG2004

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Recording outputs from STG2004 Empty Recording outputs from STG2004

Post  sahch on Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:51 am


I want to check if STG2004 gives always constant and stable stimulating signals (ex. +-1V, 100us duration, 1Hz for 2-3 hours).
As I have to record, I used the clampex program and Apparently the signals were not stable (sometimes smaller or bigger voltages) during 3 hours.
But the output signals could be distorted by a device because we had to make a special device to connect 2mm plug cables to a BNC input of the clampex amplifier.
Do you have any feedback that STG2004 gives unstable voltages for a long term period? And do you know the best way to see and record signals from the stimulator except for a oscilloscope (because we can't record)?



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Recording outputs from STG2004 Empty STG2004

Post  ThomasMCS on Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:09 pm

Dear Seon-Ah,

you might use the Analog inputs of your MC_Card to monitor output pulses of the STG. Just remember to set sampling frequency to a sufficiently high value to be sure to collect a few datapoints during the 100us pulses.
To doublecheck if the way you connected your device might affect signals you can use two analog inputs: one directly connected via BNC cable with the STG voltage output, the other one via your clamp.

I hope that helps...



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