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MEA Tools problem Empty MEA Tools problem

Post  ludovic on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:05 am

Dear, Im using
MEA tools extension of matlab for MEA data analysis. I first create the
variable D from a mcd file and save it in the workspace. Then, I use
the datastream summary function in display function and matlab return
there is currently no MCRack
file open in your workspace, please choose a suitable file whereas D
is open in the
workspace. Moreover when I try opening the mcd file directly from
datastream summary the following message appears :

" ??? Undefined function or variable 'datastrm'.
Error in ==> C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\meatools\mcssummaryctrl.m
On line 25 ==> evalin('base', ['global D; D=datastrm(''' fullfile(datapath, datafile) ''');']);
Error in ==> C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\meatools\dstream_sum_fig.m
On line 262 ==> mcssummaryctrl('showDinfo', 'dsfh', h0);
??? Error while evaluating uimenu Callback. "

Does anyone have a explanation or a solution to my problem? Thank you.

Here are the information of D delivered by array editor :


fid: -1

BitFlipRemoveFactor: 0

meatype: '8x8'

version: '2.4.9'

filesize: 187249

id: 0

DataType: ''

NChannels: 0

NChannels2: 55

ChannelNames: ''

ChannelNames2: {{55x1 cell}}

HardwareChannelNames: ''

HardwareChannelNames2: {{55x1 cell}}

MicrovoltsPerAD: 1

MicrovoltsPerAD2: 0.0114

MicrosecondsPerTick: 40

ZeroADValue: 2048

ZeroADValue2: 32768

ChannelID: 0

ChannelID2: {[55x1 double]}

HardwareChannelID: 0

HardwareChannelID2: {[55x1 double]}

sorterleft: [1x128 double]

sorterright: [1x128 double]

mea8x8ChannelNames: {1x64 cell}

total_window_ticks: 25000

offset_to_data: 0

recordingdate: 7.3407e+005

recordingStopDate: 7.3407e+005

sweepStartTime: 0

sweepStartPointer: 0

windowTicksPos: 0

triggerChannel: -1

spikeSize: 0

ticks_pre_event: 0

maxSpkPerSegmPerChanl: 0

nSpikesPerSegement: 0

nSpkPerSegPerChanl: 0

HeaderVersion: 10

fileaccess: 'ole'

MillisamplesPerSecond: 25000000

MillisamplesPerSecond2: 25000000

StreamCount: 1

StreamNames: {'Spikes 1'}

StreamInfo: {[1x1 struct]}

SamplesPerSegment: 2500

TriggerStreamID: [-1 -1]

TimeWindow: [1x1 struct]

softwareversion: ''

TotalChannels: 64

sweepStopTime: 2300


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MEA Tools problem Empty Re: MEA Tools problem

Post  Jens on Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:51 pm

Have you tried:

global D

However the support for MeaTools has timed out. See:

There are alternative solutions for Matlab now:

Both use the Neuroshare interface. Direct Neuroshare commands in Matlab could be also an alternative.



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