Can Only Access 1 Channel with datastrm

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Can Only Access 1 Channel with datastrm

Post  Britni on Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:41 pm

I'm trying to read in .mcd data into Matlab using datastrm. I usually do that as follows:

>> d = datastrm('');
>> c = nextdata(d, 'startend',[0,5000],'streamname','Electrode Raw Data 1');

The problem is that is a 500000x1 double matrix, although I am sure there are multiple channels in the .mcd file. The file shows multiple channels when I replay it in MC_Rack, and the structure d indicates that there are multiple channels when I use the getfield function.

How do I access the other data streams? Alternatively, is it possible that is giving me an interleaved combination of all the channels (I guess the number of samples makes sense for that)?




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Re: Can Only Access 1 Channel with datastrm

Post  Jens on Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:30 pm

The Matlab stream tools are no longer supported for reading MCD files with configuration setup.
We recommend Neuroshare and tools that are using it as sigTOOL or FIND, please visit our download page:

Alternatively you can edit the *.m files yourself.
The line that needs change is: nextdata.m:194
You need to add 'Electrode Raw Data 1' and so on.

The matrix dimension is number of 'channels'x'number of samples'.

Best, Jens


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