Stimulating two channels from same trigger?

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Stimulating two channels from same trigger? Empty Stimulating two channels from same trigger?

Post  sarah on Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:08 pm

I am currently triggering the STG 4002 with an external trigger into Trigger 1 to trigger either channel 1 in current mode or channel 2 in voltage mode. What I would like to do is trigger both of these channels (one in current mode, one in voltage mode) separated by a time interval of anything from 10 ms or greater from the same trigger. I am using the external trigger in single trigger mode so that it is armed waiting for an external stimulus and only triggers once after I start the protocol.

I have older stimulus generators in our lab which have two channels that are connected so that you can generate two outputs separated by a fixed time interval. However, these channels are both delivering TTL pulses which are then fed into an isolated constant current unit to convert them from voltage to current. My current requirement is to use the STG to trigger one piece of equipment with current pulses and another with TTL pulses > 5V, but I need to be able to synchronize these in time.

Is this possible?


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