MC_DataTools not showing correct number of channels

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MC_DataTools not showing correct number of channels

Post  Brad on Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:15 am


When I open a file in which I know nearly all of the channels were used for recording, the display showing the number of active channels is far fewer than I expect -- 48 instead of 50-odd channels. I checked every one of the Channels tabs on my rack, and they show the same things. Nonetheless, I don't have as many to analyze as I thought. Can you help?




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MC Data tool issue

Post  Thomas on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:53 pm

Dear Brad,

in order to reproduce the issue here we would need a few more details 6 files here.

1.) MCD file you used (this can be "downsized" to 1-2s duration
2.) Rack file showing your instrument constellation
3.) Version numbers of MC_Rack and MC Data tools used
4.) Exact description what you did & what you selected including
4.1 Datastreams
4.2 Channels selected
4.3 possibly Trigger sources

I suggest you document the points required under (4) in a brief powerpoint with corresponding screenshots.

I will be glad to have a closer look into that together with our software engineers. However, please try by yourself, if you can reproduce this issue with various files.

Please contact us with the requested information by e-mail using




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