Reading .mcd files from Matlab and Plexon OFS

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Reading .mcd files from Matlab and Plexon OFS

Post  elisab79 on Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:51 pm

Good morning everybody.
Sorry if my question is a little bit repetitive, but I checked older topics in the forum and finally I didn't find a solution.

Basically, I am not able to correctly install the package meatools, in order to open a mcd file from Matlab or to load directly into Plexon OFS. I localized the folder meatools in the directory path of MCRack, but I couldn't find the file mcstream.dll, which is required by Plexon. Where can I download it from?

I am using a 64bit computer with Matlab v2010b and Plexon OFS V3



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