MC Rack software crashing with big files

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MC Rack software crashing with big files

Post  schmidt.tiff on Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:23 am

Every time we try to record a channel from a large mcd file (6-7 GB) the software stops partway through, always at the exact same point in the recording. We can't seem to bypass this problem, even by recording from one channel at a time. The computer itself does not appear to be the issue because we monitored the performance/memory usage of the computer while doing this and it's below 50% of max.

Any help on what to do or how to reduce the file size (maybe split it into multiple files?) would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: MC Rack software crashing with big files

Post  Frank MCS on Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:42 pm

MC_Rack offers the option to automatically split files during recording. A new file is generated without data loss at a certail file size or after a certain recording time. The files can later be merged with MC_DataTool, if necessary. Go o Recorder/Recorder Tab/File Size limit. Set a limit as time or file size. If the box "Auto Stop" is active, recording will stop at this limit. If it is not active, a new file will be generated with the name *olriginal_file_name*0001, *olriginal_file_name*0002, and so on.

Best regards Frank MCS
Frank MCS

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