Error reading from a MCD file using MEATools

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Error reading from a MCD file using MEATools Empty Error reading from a MCD file using MEATools

Post  adriana.dabacan on Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:41 pm

I am trying to read data of a MCD file in MATLAB using the MEATools. I use the datastrm function to access the structure and use nextdata to read the contents of the streams.

There are two errors that I encountered with the obtained data:

- When reading trace data (Either Electrode Raw Data stream or Filtered Data stream), the signal is distorted: every 100 ms the signal is drawn to 0 for 26 samples. These zero plateaus are not present in the acquired data, as I do not see them when reading the data into a binary file with the MC_DataTool or in the MC_Rack replay display.

- When reading spike data (Spikes 1), the Spike Times obtained do not match the signal. The number of spikes and their time stamp does not correspond to the ones displayed by the MC_Rack replay or by reading the values into a text file using MC_DataTool

What could be the problem? Am I reading the data somehow wrong? Is there a setting that I am missing? Is it possible to know the exact format of the MCD file so that I can build my own data extraction tool?

I have a code example and some images to explain and show the problem better.



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