timestamp parameter from "ns_GetSegmentData"

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timestamp parameter from "ns_GetSegmentData" Empty timestamp parameter from "ns_GetSegmentData"

Post  giladdalig on Sun May 25, 2014 10:11 pm

I recorded my data in "spikes".
I used 10kHz frequency, so every recorded spike contains 1000 samples in a 100ms window.
I can get my recorded spikes using:
[nsresult,timestamp,data,samplecount,unitid] = ns_GetSegmentData(hFile, EntityID, Index);
However, I don't know when this spike occurred.
Is the "timestamp" parameter refer to the beginning of the data? (i.e., sample #1 out of 1000).
Or maybe, "timestamp" refers to the middle of the data? (i.e., sample #500 or sample #501 out of 1000).

And if "timestamp" indeed refers to the middle of the data, is it the time of sample #500 or #501?



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timestamp parameter from "ns_GetSegmentData" Empty Re: timestamp parameter from "ns_GetSegmentData"

Post  Jens on Mon May 26, 2014 9:45 pm

The timestamp is the point when the trigger condition occurs. So it depends on your pre and post window.



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