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Post  lastspikingneuron on Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:01 am


At my lab we have been using 2x8 channel MPA8I pre-amplifier of MCS and a simple interface
to connect it to the NeuroNexus probe for electrophysiological recordings.

Now we would like to perform tetrode recordings and still want to make use of our pre-amplifiers.
However we do not know what EIB to interface the microwires of 16 channel tetrode to our preamps.
Does MCS produce such EIB's or could you recommend us other suppliers who might have MSC-compatible EIB's?
(We thought maybe EIB-27-MM of Neuralynx could work with MPA8I)

Also, do you have any suggestions as to where to gather the parts in the tetrode-recording assembly?



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