Trigger continous recording and mark Light-On event

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Trigger continous recording and mark Light-On event

Post  Photinus on Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:44 pm

I want to trigger the recording of a new file with an external TTL-pulse. I found this option in the recorder tab, when a trigger detector is added to the tool-tree. Now, I want to add a marker, when a second TTL-signal arrives - How can that be done? I found the option to place a marker with a manual trigger signal, but not with an external one.
The experiment I'm planing is: Start Recording with an external TTL-Signal #1, then start a laser-stimulation after a certain offset with a TTL-signal #2 (Now a marker should be placed in the recording) and stop it after some time with the TTL-signal #2 (A marker here would be ideal, too) and then stop the whole recording with the TTL-signal #1 again.
Later experiments could include several stimulation-periods during one experiment - it would be nice to have all these periods marked in the recording.

Most important is the exact placement (timing) of the marker! Since I want to investigate onset-kinetics as a response to the lightpulse, the laser-marker should be placed exactly, when the laser turns on.

Thank you for your Help


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Re: Trigger continous recording and mark Light-On event

Post  Frank MCS on Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:58 am

Dear Photinus,
you can add as many trigger detectors as you want to your rack, and each detecor can react on internal signals or external TTLs. The digital channel has 16bits, depending on your system up to 4 are directly acessible via LEMO or BNC sockets. A TTL on the respective input will generate a precisely timed trigger event within the data file. Please let me know which data acquisition you use, and I can provide more details.

Best regards Frank MCS
Frank MCS

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