Channel mapping when streaming from USB-ME64 through MATLAb

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Channel mapping when streaming from USB-ME64 through MATLAb

Post  mcs.ali on Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:50 am


I am using a custom MATLAB application to stream data from a 60pMEA200 using USB-ME64. I am having trouble understanding how to request data from specific electrodes, and how the data I get corresponds to each electrode. So, in the code below, how can I know which channel in input_window corresponds to which electrode on the MEA?

    % Set up USB-ME64
    status = mea.SetNumberOfChannels(hwchannels);
    [status, analogchannels, digitalchannels, checksumchannels, timestampchannels, channelsinblock] = mea.GetChannelLayout(0);
    mea.SetSampleRate(f_sampling, 1, 0);
    mea.SetSelectedChannels(channelsinblock, f_sampling, 5000, Mcs.Usb.SampleSizeNet.SampleSize16Unsigned, channelsinblock);

    % ...
    % Data collection loop
    for i = 1: channels_in_block - 1
       [d, read] = mea.ChannelBlock_ReadFramesUI16(channels_to_watch(i), n_input_window);
       input_window(i,:)  = double(d) - 32768;


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