Amplification in MEA1060-INV-BC

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Amplification in MEA1060-INV-BC Empty Amplification in MEA1060-INV-BC

Post  meaquestion on Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:23 am


I'm using the MEA 1060 Inv BC amplifier and I see that the output signal is not amplified.

The signal input is 12.5mV amplitude, 1.33kHz frequency, sinusoidal form.

In the datasheet the amplification coefficient is about 1100-1200 at the frequency 1.33kHz.

Another question, what is the role of the serial cable in this MEA?

Thanks for your answers.



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Amplification in MEA1060-INV-BC Empty Re: Amplification in MEA1060-INV-BC

Post  ThomasMCS on Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:23 pm

Dear Youssef,

can you elaborate a bit more about your setup?
Usually MEA1060 BC amplifiers are used to acquire data from biological samples such as brainslices, cellcultures etc.As you describe a sinusoidal signal, I would just like to ensure it is coupled in correctly into the amplifier.

One quick thing to check: Is the Filteramplifier (the little black box) plugged in correctly? If you mix up input / output it will result in no amplification.

The serial connector is used to control electrode settings for Stimulation, grounded or recording as well as to coordinate blanking circuit (together with the BNC connector coming from SYNC OUT)

If you like to send images, screenshots datafiles... please use

Greetings from snow covered Reutlingen



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