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Post  brooks on Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:40 pm


I have written a lot of codes with MCSUSBNET API to interact with a out-fashioned PCI DAQ card (MC-CARD, SN:37). And fortunately, our lab gets a new funding and we may purchase the new USB DAQ device. I've read the manual and already known that the new USB DAQ has a onboard DSP which supports real-time feedback and many other things, like onboard spike detecting, etc.

My question is, whether this wonderful DSP can be manipulated by MCSUSBNET API? I mean, by using the MCSUSBNET API, can I make a program that can use the new USB DAQ to do those real-time jobs (like, feedback, or hardware spike detecting).

Jiangbo Pu


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Re: MCSUSBNET and USB DAQ device

Post  Frank MCS on Mon May 02, 2011 10:37 pm

Dear Jiangbo Pu,
it is not possible to directly interact with the DSP via a custom application, as it also used for general data acquisition. However, MC_Rack contains all functions to use the real time capability of the processor. The new MEA System MEA2100 has two DSPs, one of which is only used for doing on line calculations in real time. In this system, the second DSP can be controlled by user designed custom applications.

Best regards Frank MCS
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