Immunostaining on MEA

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Immunostaining on MEA Empty Immunostaining on MEA

Post  portmann.johnny on Thu May 14, 2015 11:16 am

I've heard that using paraformaldehyde to fix cells onto the MEA is not recommended, since the crosslinking makes it difficult to remove once the immunostaining experiments are complete. Since immunostaining is pretty necessary for our experiments, can you recommend a way around this? If we were to use an antigen retrieval technique (that uses a buffer with a pH that's not too high), do you think the removal of tissue could be made a bit easier? If our electrodes are of titanium nitride, would using a protocol employing an acidic buffer damage the electrodes?

Is there some other way to accomplish this? Live-cell immunostaining? Staining for cell-surface markers? Using a milder fixing agent?

Thank you

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